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About the brand

Just as many things in the universe appear unexpectedly, so was the LAGA brand a surprise, born from the collision of two worlds: design and execution. As a result of this encounter, right in the heart of Silesia, a brand was created which design team continuously emphasizes creative thinking.

A bright living room with a blue sofa and a large window. On the left side there is a cabinet with mirrored doors and orange, round handles.

At LAGA, we design with passion! We started by creating a collection of holders and hangers that provoke a completely fresh look at interior arrangement. From the very beginning, we aimed to introduce a creative revolution to a market previously dominated by neutral colors. One of the most important impulses behind the decision to create LAGA was the desire to utilize scrap metal from industrial production. These scraps were just small pieces from which only minor elements could be cut out — this perfectly fit into our vision of multifunctional holders and hangers.


Combining design and workmanship

Products created with passion

A white, flat hanger made of circles and rods hangs on a burgundy wall. On the left side there is a cabinet made of dark wood. Under the hanger there is a blue fabric pouffe.
Burgundy cabinets with a white countertop and round, white handles. On the countertop there is a salt shaker with a pepper shaker and a few green apples.

At LAGA we design our products hoping that their future will be created alongside you.