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furniture line

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A set consisting of an orange closet and a table in the same color standing against a white wall. A wooden chair stands in front of the table, there is a glass on the table, and cut field flowers on the right side.
Project: Keokeo Magdalena Bajor
A white kitchen cabinet with an orange, round handle. To the left there is a kitchen countertop on which lay some mugs and a pitcher.
A set of kitchen cabinets made of light wood with black, elongated handles, with a marble, gray countertop. A bowl lies on the countertop, and on the left side there is a vase on one of the open shelves.
Project: Isla Studio
A bathroom with beige tiles with white terrazzo. On the left, a large navy cabinet with elongated, white handles, rounded at the ends. On the right, a white cabinet hangs above a white bathtub.
Project: Kubieniec Długosz

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A light orange cabinet with slats and elongated handles, rounded at the ends, in a darker shade of orange.
Project: _inbalance.studio


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A white, flat hanger made of circles and rods hangs on a burgundy wall.